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Friday, May 14, 2010

Artful INKable post

Where does the time go?  Here it is Friday and I have so much to do before tomorrow afternoon for Abby's birthday party, she'll be 3 on Monday and we're having both our families over for cake and ice cream.  I love the fact that she's still young enough, that we can get away with not having any friends over yet :)
So onto today's post.  Last night when I sat down to create my card for today's post, I knew I wanted to use the "Into the Moonlight" set but I wasn't into the traditional "Twilight" colors that you would use with these images.  So I pulled out my very girly papers and created this very cute but feminine card using the werewolf image from the set.  I like how it turned out but do you think I should color in the wolf or leave it as is???  Decisions, decisions :)


Kim said...

I love your card, I want to say it is sweet because of the colors but it is also fierce. So, I will say that it is fiercely sweet, LOL! Great card at any rate!

The Other Patti Sue said...

Oh I love this! Colors are wonderful!

Janell said...

I like the card, it's pretty. The wolf looks good as it is, but maybe add some shading to it. Not coloring the whole image in, but just in places. Well, I don't know. It looks good.

Michelle B. AKA JustPaintingAround said...

Way to think out of the box (pink w/wolf!) Fabulous!