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Monday, April 19, 2010

Custom Portrait drawn by Victoria Case

I know it's way too early to be thinking about Father's Day but I had to get a start on it since I wasn't sure how long it would take.  I wanted to give Brian something that he wouldn't ever expect and of course he has no clue who Victoria Case is so I knew I was on the right track LOL  I contacted Victoria on Wednesday about drawing up a sketch of Abby and what you see is the final copy that will be mailed out today/tomorrow.
I am amazed at how much it does look like Abby and how it captured her personality (and chubby checks) perfectly.  Brian is a huge Philadelphia Eagles Fan so when Victoria said she put Abby in the Eagles shirt, I knew Brian would LOVE it!

I of course can't keep a secret so I showed Brian today and he is VERY excited to get it this week.


Rae Anne said...
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Rae Anne said...

Absolutely fabulous Tanya! Your husband is going to have the best Father's Day ever! MWAH!

sgc said...

Tanya--what a wonderful idea! Great Father's Day present.

Danni said...

This is so cute, Victoria did such an awesome job on it!

Jenny said...

Adorable! Nice job!!

Stef H said...

oh is this sweet or what???? hubby will love it!

marsha said...

What a cutie and what a fabulous Father's Day gift!

Hugs, Marsha